Custom Interior Furniture Design

A big part of our vision for the Domes was to offer a unique bespoke experience and feel to the space on offer.

We did not want to offer off the shelf furniture for the main area and felt that a custom design was be more in keeping with aim of a luxury offering.

We decided to design a custom-made floating king size bed module unit with a suspended king size bed above. The above bed would allow for room below to build a walk in wardrobe area as well as making way for a kitchenette.

It was important to use wood as our sole material. Using CAD software and a refined 3D model design, we used a CNC bed to cut out all of the pieces required. This allowed us then to build our bespoke furniture module onsite.

Part of the process called for a lot of thought on how the area would be used. This resulted in the addition of USB charging ports and 13amp sockets placed around the bed. Functional reading lights were also added as well as an LED lit mood back board.

We also found a way to build in a fridge and even a small dressing table area for guests to use.

Each dome will have a slightly different furniture design using the same functional features, giving an ever so slightly different feel but in keeping with our brand design.