Wood Fired Hot Tub for Knole

After guest feedback we decided to add a wood fired hot tub to our newest dome, Knole

Guest feedback is really important to us about how you experience your stay with us. One question that kept popping up was, do the domes have hot tubs? This was something that we were always going to add down the line with future plans of building a spa centre, however we decided that it would be great if a few of the planned domes on site would have private hot tubs in addition to the communual one planned for the future.

Like everything we do at Luna Domes, we always go the extra mile. We planned and built a seperate private raised decking for the first dome to have a hot tub, Knole. Our wood fired hot tub is insulated meaning it stays hot for up to 3 days after first use, has water and air jets for comfort and has other useful features such as a glass holder and LED lighting. We are also building a removable roof and somewhere to hang your gowns and spa slippers.

The plan is to add another 2 hot tubs to domes currently under construction around the site along with other features and surprises yet to be annouced...