Our story

“Luna Domes - connecting you with nature - in luxury”
Sumptuous furnishings, fresh air, glorious sunrises and cosy nights all set within beautiful natural surroundings - that’s Luna Domes.

Luna Domes provide short breaks for reflection, relaxation, creativity, connection or recreation. All domes are in stunning natural surroundings with total privacy allowing for discreet breaks for those wanting to get away from normal life and escape to nature.
The geodesic dome structure affords a natural flow and feeling that is like no other experience you’ve seen in hotels or camping. Natural wood-burning fires mixed with panoramic views and sumptuously soft furnishings merge the best of luxury hotel accommodation, with the nature-connection of camping, all with the home comforts you expect.

You are invited to explore this website and the Luna Domes social channels to understand how Luna Domes will give you a unique, memorable and magical experience.
If you own a site that has beautiful natural surroundings and enjoyable amenities there may be an opportunity to become a partner to Luna Domes - please get in touch.

The founders


An artistic creator, heavily involved in private hospitality and events, having grown up in Rural France and travelled the world soaking up culture and world design. Settling in the UK in 2000, he always strived to create bespoke experiences that connect with his love of the outdoors, continually evolving and growing sharing with guests to create their own story and memories. His joint venture continues this creativity, sharing values and the vision of his long held friend and joint founder Johnny.


Having grown up on a farm in rural Tasmania Johnny has a deep connection with outdoor living. When he arrived in the UK in 1998 he realised that many Brits rarely got the chance to enjoy the stunning countryside the UK has to offer. Luna Domes is his way of helping everyone get the benefits of a deep connection with nature – while still enjoying luxury surroundings.

The Sites

Luna Domes works in partnership with the finest sites throughout the UK. Sites must have natural locations, extensive onsite amenities and be near other visitor attractions. Luna Domes provides full investment in construction, management, planning and maintenance of the domes. Site owners receive revenue-based commissions for their site use which presents excellent passive income. Having Luna Domes onsite can also be an extension to existing accommodation offerings, or allow for an accommodation offering to existing facilities. Please get in touch to discuss your aspirations, ideas and objectives.

The Domes

The founders both having a huge wealth of experience with temporary tent and stage structures sought out a solution to use for their new unique boutique glamping business, offering unprecedented luxury and consistency through a solid proven brand yet to be seen in the UK.

After further extensive research over 12 months, many factory and show visits, the founders chose FDomes to produce high quality glamping domes suitable for year round use. Upon researching the UK and world market, the focus was to offer a luxury hotel like glamping product often seen in the new and latest resorts in Switzerland or Canada. Given the lack of high end quality and luxury feel in the newly rapidly expanding UK glamping market , the founders wanted the domes to offer as much as possible also for all year round usage which gave way to now implemented ideas such as floating decking and a raised king size bed mezzanine area inside the domes.

Domes were chosen above else as they offered flexibility with the overall design and what could be offered to guests giving. The domes allow for a high level of comfort all year round, stunning views thanks to the availability of large clear windows, and many other factors including a safe way to provide a raised accommodation from the ground that did not have an impact on the land when building nor once in situ. Being a semi-permanent structure also means that changes can be made at any point to the design allowing complete flexibility to suit changing guest tastes.

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